Thursday, 10 May 2012

Welcome to Banini-Crafts!

So, I've decided to start up a separate blog to showcase things that I have made in my spare time or soon to be part time job (hopefully).

A little about me:

My beads of choice are swarovski crystals since I like shiny stuff, initially I always made jewellery using string. Time consuming but worth it in the end if the item looks good! Too many times have I pulled the strings too tight and the whole piece looks distorted!

I'm also currently learning to crochet (hardest thing ever!) What's with all the different stitches to learn?!

What I would love to do tho is make silver jewellery using art clay. The method seems simple enough but will I be able to do it myself? I don't particularly want to waste any clay either cos that stuff is expensive!

Anyway enough rambling, let the blogging begin!

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